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Secondary admissions

Secondary admissions

We are pleased to report that the majority of our children were offered places at their first choice of secondary school but for anyone who did not, please be aware of the following information. You have a legal right to appeal against a decision not to offer your child a place at any or all of the schools that you’ve applied to. You can appeal for a place at your preferred school even though your child may have a place somewhere else.

• The admissions authority for the school you’re applying to must explain why your child hasn’t been offered a place at that school. They must also explain how you can appeal against this decision.

• Your appeal will be heard by a panel which is independent of the school and the admissions authority whose decision you’re appealing against. You’ve the right to attend the hearing to explain your case to the independent appeal panel.

• There are strict rules around the appointment of the appeal panel members to ensure their impartiality and independence. The panel’s decision has to be accepted by the admissions authority and the school.

• You may find it helpful to read the guidelines on the appeal process on the admission appeals page.