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Positive Behaviour

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We believe in having high expectations of children’s attitudes towards their learning and their behaviour.


Our Positive Relationships and Behaviour Policy inc. anti-bullying can be found on our Policies page.  We use our Golden Rules to reinforce our aims in encouraging positive behaviour, which are:

  • For learning to be a positive experience for all pupils
  • To encourage pupils to respects others and themselves
  • To make clear the boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour
  • To create an environment which encourages and reinforces good behaviour through consistent and fair responses to both positive and negative behaviour


At Trafalgar we have a zero-tolerance policy of bullying of any kind. We actively promote values or respect and equality and celebrate diversity across the school. This allows our pupils to become responsible citizens and appreciate modern society when they leave our school. 

We define bullying as unkind behaviour from one child to another that is on purpose and on-going. It can happen in person or online. We discuss how bullying typically involves a power balance which can be physical, verbal or social (e.g. excluding someone and encouraging others to do the same. Children are taught that if they experience behaviour the don’t like from others they say “Stop it. I don’t like it”. They then walk away and tell an adult. We also encourage children to be ‘up standers’ rather than ‘bystanders’.

To encourage positive behaviour, the Junior School have Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. There is a display in our school hall where children can get to know the current Ambassadors.