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School Dog

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Hello. My name is Bailey and I work with Mr Allen, our Deputy Headteacher.  I have lots of jobs, such as eating snacks and sleeping on beanbags, but the most important job I have is to make the children here at Trafalgar feel welcome, safe and calm.

I love walking about the school and saying hello to everyone, especially if they are nice to me and say hello back gently. I’m not in school every day but I do like to help with any problems when I can. Sometimes I just like to sit quietly with someone until they feel better.

My main hobbies are playing chase with my friends and hide and seek behind trees. I also love hanging about in the school library and listening to people read.  It can be quite tiring being so sociable, so sometimes I just need to have a little rest.  I am a two year old Schnoodle and this is my first job. Trafalgar is a brilliant place to be.