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Admissions to this school

All admissions to this school are handled by your local authority. Children who are currently in Y2 at Trafalgar Infant School and children from other schools must complete the Local Authority primary admissions process via the following link : About School Admissions

If you live outside the borough and wish to apply for a place in a school in Richmond Borough, you should contact the council where you live to obtain their application form. You can apply for up to three preferences from any borough. The local authority will make an offer if there is a vacant place at your preferred school, but if there is more than one applicant for a place, your application will be considered against the school’s oversubscription criteria to determine which child should be offered the place.

In-Year Admissions

The Local Authority keeps a record of any school places we may have available and allocates these places. More information can be found in ‘changing schools in-year’ section on the Schools Admissions page via the link above.

Admissions to Secondary School

All admissions to secondary school are handled by the local authority. For further details on secondary school admissions please follow this link: Apply for a secondary school place

Appealing a Decision

The process is outlined on the Schools Admissions page under the section ‘Appealing school place allocation’ via the link above. The page contains links to follow which will provide you with all the necessary guidance information including current deadlines.